not downgrading.

We aim to challenge the stereotypes about Retirement Living. Our homes and facilities are thoughtfully designed, luxuriously appointed and focus on delivering both intimate space and abundant landscapes, allowing Residents to downsize but not downgrade.


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Best Retirement Living Development

2014 National Winner

- Issued by Property Council of Australia

Best Project in Regional NSW & ACT

2011 Winner

- Issued by Urban Development Institute of Australia

Manager of the Year

2016 Winner (NSW/ACT)

- Issued by Property Council of Australia


Best Retirement Living Development

2018 National Winner

- Issued by Property Council of Australia

Best Retirement Living Development

2018 Winner (NSW)

- Issued by Urban Development Institute of Australia



Our awards have recognised the outstanding results we have delivered for our Residents, our partners and our industry so far. Some of the characteristics include:


Quality of Design and Finish

Everywhere you look within our homes there are innovative features and design elements to make the homes functional yet stylish. These qualities are valued by our Residents, who appreciate the attention to detail that goes into our design and execution.

Vision & Innovation

We have redefined the concept of retirement living, addressing the radically different demands from different generations, recognising that the conventional approach is not enough.

Social Responsibility

We have offered affordable luxury in unique village settings, regenerated and restored critically endangered habitat, and provided secure and engaging environments where people are able to integrate and stay connected.


“This wonderful village should not be called a retirement village, it should be called a ‘Live Longer Village’. There is no chance of ever being lonely. The wonderful residents are all caring, generous and all willing to step up and help each other out. The staff in the Village are always helpful, encouraging & respectful to everyone - maintenance requests are carried out efficiently and promptly. I look forward to growing old and living my life to the fullest here.”

- Resident of Wivenhoe Village


Industry Perception

Our past and recent industry awards recognise us as the best contemporary developer of retirement communities in Australia. This success encourages us to continue on our journey as we work through an increasingly difficult and complex planning and competitive environment.


As an independent living provider, we have managed to support a broad range of capabilities amongst our Residents, accommodating two different generations with the age ranges from late 50s to early 90s and with varying levels of mobility.

financial performance

Our communities have performed extremely well both in the project phase and importantly in terms of capital growth within the Village. Home values in Wivenhoe Village, for example, have increased more than 50% in a little over 4 years.