Designed with you, for you.

Our approach to creating great communities takes more than market research. We take our Customers on a deeply consultative journey and involve them in a co-design process. For years before we break ground on our villages we engage with the community and evolve our ideas based on their feedback. This approach delivers an environment that matches the aspirations and needs of our Residents.



We are committed to giving you a clear understanding of the contracts, costs and our value proposition because we know and respect how important this is. Everything will be on the table when we discuss your retirement living plan with you - no surprises, every time.


We believe our villages should empower our Residents to live active and connected lives and that’s why we emphasise the idea of community. Every village has been designed thoughtfully to help you stay connected with your community whilst maintaining your privacy and independence.


We are focused on providing the best retirement living environment based on attentive communication and support, so you’ll never need to compromise on feeling as carefree as you want. We see it as our duty to ensure that the services we offer are as adaptive, accessible, accountable as possible.



Every single detail in our villages is created with our Customers at the centre so they can be proud to call it their home. Our Customers live in and benefit from the environments we create, and therefore their input is more valuable than any other.

Holistic Design

When we design your home, we not only think about the architecture and the interior, but also the communal facilities, location and surrounding landscape. We make sure all of them talk to each other in a cohesive and compelling way that creates a beautiful community and makes your life easier and happier.

Family Business

By being privately-owned, we make ourselves available so there is always someone you can talk to. This personable approach brings us closer to our Residents, who are overwhelmingly our greatest advocates.